Is Human Sexuality important?

Linggo, Setyembre 26, 2010

Human sexuality, what do we really mean by human sexuality?

Well, according to the speakers yesterday at the talk about human sexuality, human sexuality isn’t all about expressing ourselves as sexual beings but also about whom we really are as persons. It was stressed that our gender greatly affects our human sexuality.  It was also said that there are four genders, they are the male, female, effeminate, and the lesbians. It was also mentioned that there are only two sexes; they are the male, and female.

The talk was also about teenage pregnancies. It was stressed out in the talk that nowadays there are many teenage pregnancies; so we may think of it as normal and usual, that’s why the speakers informed us about the different disadvantages in teenage pregnancies. They also told us the most effective answers to people who pressure us to have sexual intercourse with them and it seemed quite right. The speakers asked some of us what we would answer to the different pressure questions and it was seen that most of us don’t know what to say yet. So I think that what the speakers taught will be very useful to us in the future. But some of the things that the speakers taught us were already common sense because it was really easy and I think that those parts of the talk were useless because they should have focused on some other serious stuff. J They also showed us some clips showing the effects of giving in to temptation and one clip showing a woman giving birth which was really unnecessary for me to see. J While they were showing the clip of the woman giving birth to a child everybody started screaming, laughing and some covered their eyes (including myself of course). I think that this was our reaction because we aren’t as educated as we thought we were but I also believe that these were our reactions because we didn’t fully understand what giving birth means. Maybe some of us just thought of it as bringing new life to the world but as what we’ve seen during the talk giving birth is more than just providing life but it is also the courage and strength of the mother to carry a child and bring it out. I believe that giving birth is probably a very painful thing that a woman has to go through but I also believe that after the pain comes joy because my mother once said to me that yes, pregnancy is difficult but it is worth it because once the pain is over you will feel overwhelmed and you will be the happiest person in the planet. J

Some parts of the talk were very boring especially the second part because the speaker wasn’t as fun as the first one. J 

But all in all I think that what the speakers told, taught and showed us is really going to be a help for us someday. I also think that what they said during the talk affected each and every third year student there even if some were only making jokes or just laughing.

As young Louisians it is but right for us to control our raging emotions and contain ourselves. I think that before we do things we should always think about other people first and we should always take into consideration the consequences of our actions. I believe that rushing things leads to no good and it would lead to the destruction of the person or the people involved. I know that if we wait for the right time we will realize that we will be really successful in the things that we would want to accomplish and we will please the people we want to.

Wait for the right time because it’s worth it. J

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